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We design advertisements to promote your product or service to your market

Advertisements in print and digital formats can raise your product or service profile, create product recall, differentiate your offering from competitors or simply promote a great deal you are running.

We'll work with you to formulate a strategy for advertising, or deliver a final campaign to meet your brief. For conventional and digital publications, posterboards and screen-based interstitials, whatever your media plan requires.

Beechwood Finance
Beechwood Finance

Promotional planning is important when launching a new product or service or recruiting a new customer demographic. In planning a campaign, be mindful of your objectives and desired outcomes

Your promotional message reaches your intended and targeted audience.

Your audience understand the message.

The message resonates with your audience, and they take action - making enquiries, or placing orders

To achieve these outcomes will require planning. We'll work with you in the following ways to optimise the outcome of your campaign.

Review the opportunities

We'll examine and gain an understanding of the needs of your target market. Who is your message aimed at? Existing users, influencers and taste-makers, decision-makers, groups of users, or general consumers?

Determine the objectives

Objectives in a promotional campaign will be different from a general marketing campaign. Promotional objectives should be stated in terms of long or short-term behaviours by prospects who have been exposed to your promotional communication. These objectives should be clearly defined, measurable, and realistic for the stage of market development.

Figure out your offer

We'll work with you to focus on the content, structure, format, and source of your promotional message. Both the 'creative' treatment and the technical aspects of media. There's nothing worse than a great idea being ruined by poor repro or print quality, it's important to consider how fit for purpose the creative is. If you book banner or skyscraper digital, or 8th page space, that photography brief will need careful direction. Likewise your ad copy, the headline, body and call to action may need to work in a confined space at smaller type sizes.

Calculate and finalise the budget

Time to determine the total promotion budget. This might involve cost breakdowns by territory, or media. Review the cost of media and how you can judge affordability versus forecasted percent of sales or other measurable metric if relevant. By breaking down these costs, you will get a better idea of the potential outcome of your campaign.

Agree how you'll measure effectiveness

How did the campaign perform against planned objectives? You'll need to gather this information, either by sales team feedback, digital metric or survyeing a sample of target market. Did they recognise or recall the specific offer, did the message resonate, how did they respond?

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