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Graphic design can make your business more competitive.

Position your product, service, brand or entire business with thoughtful, creative design which connects with your audience.

Our graphic design solutions are produced to meet a range of commercial objectives, whether launching a start-up business which requires an identity, exhibiting at a tradeshow to generate export sales, or staying in touch with your existing customer base to generate incremental income. Graphic design helps your business communicate effectively in a consistent way, to build a positive relationship with your potential market or loyal customer-base. We work with sole-traders, SMEs and corporates on graphic design projects to deliver results and ROI over short, mid or long-term timeframes, at multiple budget points.

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Drive sales, become more competitive

Companies have competing priorities on a daily basis from operational issues to budgetary pressure. In general businesses treat marketing as a necessary evil, and good design as something of a luxury. Smaller businesses take a DIY approach to marketing and communication material, often on an ad-hoc basis, without any real agreed objective or planning. These businesses are overlooking the huge advantages and value that professionally produced graphic design deliverables can bring in both driving sales, and making the business more competitive in its market.

From advertising to packaging, labelling to interfaces, graphic design can deeply influence the decisions customers take. Graphic design is a key tool in differentiating your product or service from others, and helps attract the right type of prospect to your offering. Research shows that businesses who place an emphasis on the importance of their design perform better than those that don't. Businesses investing in design as a competitive tool out-performed their FTSE peers by 200%. In the current market, design delivers a clear advantage to businesses looking to maintain their market position and competitiveness.

First impressions still count

Whether potential customers consciously admit to being influenced by their first contact with your business, the fact remains - there will be an emotional reaction which could be positive or negative. Well designed graphics, from your logotype to sales material (including photography and typography) are critical in making a positive first impression on your target audience. With a professional design and identity, you can attract and engage prospects with a positive emotional connection.

Well designed material will communicate information and value

Fit for purpose design is not just about the visuals. How your communication, images and products look is complimentary to how they perform. A graphic esigner will not just design attractive material, but also take account of your business values, target demographic, critical competitive information and unique advantages of your Business or product. Colourways, typography and photography are the tools through which you can clearly communicate value and information to your target audience. And the list of considerations doesn't end there. An insight int your competitors, the general aeshetic of your target market, can all be taken into account to formulate an approach to position your business and products/services to competitive advantage.

Great design will help your business stand out

Your core offering may well be extremely good in both innovation and value, however, good design can provide the additional edge in marketing a compelling and engaging product or service that customers will be want to know more about and purchase. Where customers are faced with two seemingly similar products, they will inevitably choose the option which is more appealing, for consumers that may be a more emotional decision, for commercial purchasers, that could be down to a benefit or advantage which has been strongly communicated through well executed design. Great design will help your business gain a competitive edge, drive great marketing and help you stand out from the competition.

Build recall and equity in your brand

Creating and identity and generating recognition goes far beyond designing good business stationery, signage or business cards. Your company's logotype is only a part of your 'brand'. Your company's identity comprises the overall visual style of your business including the corporate colourway, typefaces, photographic style, tone -of-voice, and so on. Therefore, the design of your brand should recognise target your audience. For this you need considered design which reflects your values, products and services.

Maintain consistency

One of the pivotal aspects of establishing and maintaining a successful business is consistency. Inconsistency in your communication, tone-of-voice, advertising and sales material results in a brand which is easily forgettable. To ensure that your business stands out among competitors it is essential to create and maintain a consistent identity and visual style. This includes following a specific set of guidelines for your business or brand communication such as advertisements and promotions to ensure that your customers can identify your business or product in a matter of seconds.

These are the elements which form the basis of dominating your market by using graphic design. Remember, taking shortcuts or making compromises when dealing with the visual and creative aspects of your business and products identity can be detrimental in the long term.

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