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Packaging design to position your product

Whether retail or direct sales, packaging design can say a lot about your product and business philosophy.....

Whether you are selling direct online, exporting via distribution channel or on-shelf in the local supermarket, we'll work with you to create packaging which enhances your product.....

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Packaging projects can be incredibly varied....

We have a strong track record in packaging development and design for both B2B and B2C. This discipline brings together branding, typography, illustration and photography and copywriting onto a three dimensional format. Our packaging design experience mixed with branding expertise has enabled us to design and produce creative packaging that is both innovative and diverse.

In B2B market, the design and identification of all packaging and products must be implemented in a consistent manner in order to maximise brand equity. We'll often need to work to documented guidelines and standards for product packaging, miscellaneous packaging materials, and the identification applied directly to the actual products we manufacture. To be effective, packaging should have a consistent appearance, communicating both the primary brand name and product name, and resonate with the target customer.From time to time we are commissioned to devise the Packaging Design System and produce the documentation to satisfy these goals.Consistent and proper identification of a businesses products is not only necessary from a basic identity standpoint, but is also a vital legal requirement. Your organisations identification will be applied to a variety of product materials in many application techniques, from packages to attached labels and merchandising elements.

Retail packaging - Shelf Presence

Retail is a competitive environment, manufacturers making strategic investment in packaging design. To compete we ensure the packaging we design is distinctive, having a strong shelf-presence. To do this we develop strong, impactful product names (where part of the brief) utilise differentiating colour palettes, and organise information in a logical hierarchy.

Its about the unique selling points

Great packaging can communicate why someone should buy the product, in addition to highlighting the features and benefits. Our approach prioritises those messages (as we do in advertising design) creating the initial 'offer' to catch the attention of the customer as they browse. The key messages are then easy to understand as the customer engages with the packaging.

Product range consistency - branding and other elements

Packaging typically is for more than one product forming a range. It takes great skill and attention to detail to maintain brand consistency across all items, where the packaging type may change as well its size and shape. But when it all comes together it is a thing of beauty.

Packaging will often be more than one product in a range or form-factor for various servings/quantity. Great attention to detail and skill is required to maintain consistency across items where size and shape, and materials used can change. When these elements come together the results can be really exceptional.

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